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anesthesia malpractice attorney - Texas Anesthesia is administered today by both anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists. Nurse anesthetists may be hospital employees, therefore making the hospital liable for their acts of negligence. While undergoing anesthesia, we literally put our lives in the hands of the professionals putting us to sleep. They must ensure, through thorough histories and physicals, that patients are indeed candidates for the particular type of anesthesia administered. They have duties and obligations to ensure that we maintain adequate oxygenation and vital signs throughout the procedure.

Anesthesiologists today are also actively involved in pain management. As such, they inject areas of pain and perform various pain management interventions to help us with chronic pain. In this complicated area of medicine, standards of care (preparation necessary for proper care) are not always followed. Our firm has handled numerous anesthesia cases including:

  • Improper Extubation – A patient with very low oxygen saturation was extubated following a procedure. The patient desaturated, was unable to be reintubated, and unfortunately died.
  • Epiduroscopy – During this procedure wherein a scope is inserted into the epidural space to inject medications at pain receptor sites, the epidural space was injected with saline too rapidly causing a remote barro-trauma, causing permanent blindness.
  • Aspiration of gastric contents – Anesthesiologist failed to determine that a patient had been given food prior to the surgery. He failed to give proper cricoid pressure resulting in aspiration of gastric contents into the lungs, leading to sepsis and death.

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