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Thankfully, most driving is uneventful. We go through our lives taking for granted the general safety of today’s roads, modern vehicles, and traffic control devices. We expect all drivers to use care and prudence when they operate their vehicles. But, what if they don’t? Failure to use ordinary care can lead to accidents and injuries.

Common car accidents are due to:

  • disregarding traffic control devices
  • following too closely
  • using cell phones
  • disregarding traffic control devices/signs
  • unsafe lane change
  • drunk driving

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that was due to another’s carelessness, it is important to speak to a Dallas Car Accident attorney about your legal rights. We have the resources, skills and experience to maximize the recovery to you.

Often Our Dallas Car Accident Lawyer Can:

  • arrange for you to obtain additional treatment
  • assist with obtaining a rental car or transportation
  • obtain compensation for your pain and suffering
  • obtain compensation for your past and future medical bills
  • obtain reimbursement for lost wages

In most instances, we can settle your case without the need to go to court. However, if you are not being treated fairly, our Dallas Car Accident Lawyer have the resources and experience to litigate your case through verdict.

Why Hire Dallas Car Accident Attorney at Norton Schwab?

We have experience handling complex medical malpractice cases, often referred to as the toughest types of personal injury cases due to the complexity of the medical issues involved. Our Dallas Auto Accident Lawyer have many years of experience simplifying complex medical issues into understandable concepts juries can appreciate.

That knowledge of medicine, anatomy and treatment translates into effectively communicating your injuries to jurors, helping maximize your recovery.

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