Our Fort Smith, Arkansas medical malpractice lawyers at Norton Schwab provide clear legal guidance for each of our injured clients, as we believe they should know exactly what to expect from their complex lawsuit.

Each of our Sebastian County and Fort Smith medical malpractice attorneys provides representation for any of the over 86,000 residents in our city who have been injured while receiving medical care. We understand that trusting your health and well-being to any healthcare provider is a commitment to pursuing or maintaining your quality of life. When that trust is breached through negligence, our clients face additional treatment that may not have been previously necessary when they are able to recover from the injuries at all.

Our clients face life-long changes that affect their health going forward, and no matter which position our clients are put in, our Fort Smith medical malpractice lawyer want to help them pursue financial recovery for their injuries.

What Constitutes A Medical Malpractice Case In Fort Smith, Arkansas?

There are several components to a medical malpractice case, and our Fort Smith, Arkansas medical malpractice attorneys are adept at compiling the necessary details to pursue the best outcome available for each of our client’s unique circumstances.

Those legal elements include that the:

  • Doctor/patient relationship existed
  • Doctor was negligent
  • Doctor’s negligence caused the injury
  • Injury led to the specific damages

Our medical malpractice lawyers in Fort Smith, Arkansas will pursue your case to prove these important elements, beginning with the fact that you hired a physician, and that medical professional agreed to be hired to dispense advice, treatment, or care.

Next, we will explore that the physician was negligent in their care. It is not enough to simply be unhappy with your treatment. There must be a clear, negligent connection that the doctor caused you harm.

We must be able to prove — through our resources and medical expert witnesses — that your doctor deviated from the reasonable, skilled, and careful standard other physicians possess and exercise.

After, we must be able to prove that the doctor’s incompetence — more likely than not — caused the injury you sustained and that it was not a side effect of your initial illness or injury s/he was treating.

Finally, our Fort Smith medical malpractice attorney must be able to prove that the injury led to the damages we are pursuing.

Those damages can include:

  • Further treatment and unexpected medical bills
  • Lost wages and/or earning capacity
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical pain

Norton Schwab Provides Precise Legal Representation For Fort Smith, Arkansas Residents Who Suffer Injuries During Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases require an experienced Fort Smith medical malpractice attorney to pursue favorable results. At Norton Schwab, our medical malpractice lawyers in Fort Smith, Arkansas have over forty years of combined experience in producing results for our community.

Our pursuit of negligent physicians is unwavering, as no matter where you were hurt while receiving treatment, our Fort Smith medical malpractice lawyers can help, including pursuing doctors in the areas of:

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