Corpus Christi, Texas is home to more than 325,000 people, each of whom has rights that require protection after they have been injured while pursuing medical care, and at Norton Schwab, our Corpus Christi medical malpractice lawyers protect those who are harmed throughout Nueces, Aransas, Kleberg, and San Patricio counties.

At Norton Schwab, our Corpus Christi medical malpractice lawyers focus on producing results for each of our client’s unique cases, so they are not overwhelmed by the expensive medical bills and lost wages that result from their injuries. We can help you pursue financial recovery from the negligent physician, staff, or facility that caused your medical malpractice injuries, too.

Personalized and Professional Medical Malpractice Representation In Corpus Christi, Texas

At Norton Schwab, our Corpus Christi, Texas medical malpractice attorneys provide our clients with compassionate, personalized care, and a commitment to delivering results for their complex cases.

What Are The Common Causes of Birth Injuries In Corpus Christi, Texas?

Our birth injury lawyers in Corpus Christi, Texas understand how devasting these circumstances are for the parents, and how physically and emotionally traumatic they can be on the baby — and everyone’s lives going forward.

Common causes of Corpus Christi, Texas birth injuries can include but are not limited to:

  • Abnormal presentation, including shoulder dystocia
  • Administration of improper medications during pregnancy and/or delivery
  • Failure to give oxygen to newborns when needed, also called hypoxia
  • Failure to monitor the fetus and respond to fetal distress
  • Failure to perform a timely c-section
  • Improper use of delivery instruments
  • Infections and medical problems in the fetus
  • Infections and medical problems in the mother
  • Miscalculation of the size of the fetus
  • Pre- or post-mature delivery due to improper dating
  • Rh incompatibility
  • Failure to recognize arrest of labor and timely delivery by C-section

Our physician malpractice focuses include:

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Corpus Christi, Texas Economy Improves Our Residents’ Livelihoods

A stable economy provides our residents with employment opportunities and incomes to support their families, and their healthcare needs, including regular doctor visits, emergency care, and extended care.

Home to the fifth-largest port in the United States, the Port of Corpus Christi handles mostly oil and agricultural products that are exported from our city.

And while much of the local economy is driven by tourism, oil, petrochemicals industries, the military supports a large portion of our market, including the:

Other large employers in Corpus Christi, Texas include: