Experiencing medical malpractice can be a mind-boggling occurrence. Patients who are met with a misdiagnosis, surgical errors, or childbirth injuries often ask: How did this happen? Why me?

At Norton Schwab, our Minneapolis, Minnesota medical malpractice attorneys understand.

For more than forty combined years, our Hennepin County and Minneapolis medical malpractice lawyers have successfully handled medical malpractice cases of all kinds including those that have caused extensive injuries that require long-term — and even life-long — medical care. When your quality of life is interrupted by negligent injuries, our Minneapolis medical malpractice law firm wants to help make you financially whole again by pursuing the responsible party for your full recovery.

Norton Schwab Medical Malpractice Attorneys In Minneapolis, Minnesota: Holding Physicians Financially Accountable For Their Negligence

Seeking medical care from a professional requires trust and a personalized connection. When you require treatment or surgery, you rely on the expertise of your physician to provide the best advice and outcome available for your current injuries or illness.

But what happens when they are negligent in their duties, and you become even iller — or suffer additional injuries — during the treatment or surgery that was designed to improve your condition?

Know Your Rights When It Comes To Medical Malpractice In Minneapolis, Minnesota

As experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our law firm provides our clients with the guidance and legal care they need to pursue a successful outcome.

We represent our clients inside and outside of the courtroom when the courts decide a doctor’s responsibility was compromised by negligence while investigating the:

  • Doctor’s duty to provide patients with the proper level of care within their practice area and its location
  • Violation of the doctor’s duty
  • Harm caused by the violation of duty
  • Cause of the violation of duty, which can include numerous factors like fatigue, miscommunication, or practicing under the influence of drugs or alcohol — to name just a few

With our Minneapolis medical malpractice attorneys experience and resources in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we will investigate your claim, and the entire medical staff and facility involved in your injuries, so we are pursuing the proper person, party, or organization for your full financial recovery.

Contact Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Attorneys Now

If you have been injured by — or have lost a loved one to — a negligent healthcare provider’s actions or inactions, contact our Minneapolis, Minnesota medical malpractice attorneys today at 888 medmals to schedule an initial, confidential consultation. We will discuss your circumstances and learn how we can help you hold the responsible party accountable for your overall financial needs, including additional medical care, lost wages, and the physical and emotional pain you have endured as a result of their negligent behavior.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota Economy And Its Impact On Our Residents’ Livelihoods

Minneapolis is the larger of the Twin Cities, and with over 425,000 residents it is the 16th-largest metropolitan area in the United States.

With a thriving economy and a multitude of residents who work and live in the city, companies provide ample employment opportunities that allow our residents to build happy and healthy lives.

Several Fortune 500 company headquarters are located within the city limits of Minneapolis, MN including: 

Additional large downtown Minneapolis, MN employers include:

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