If you have been injured by a negligent physician, whether in an emergency room, during an operation, or while seeking routine medical care, our Lawton, Oklahoma medical malpractice lawyers provide precise legal representation that allows our clients to pursue the financial recovery solutions they deserve for additional medical care and lost wages.

Our Lawton, Oklahoma medical malpractice lawyers provide legal results for our Comanche County medical malpractice victims, so they are able to move forward with their lives with a positive outlook knowing their case is in the accomplished hands of our law firm: Norton Schwab.

Norton Schwab Lawton, Oklahoma Medical Malpractice Attorney Practice Areas of Focus

At Norton Schwab, our medical malpractice lawyers in Lawton, Oklahoma focus on many types of negligence that result in our clients suffering injuries that can change their lives.

No matter how our clients are injured, when medical negligence leads to financial damages, the fallout can last a lifetime. The expenses, medical care, physical pain, and emotional suffering must be accounted for on a financial level — and the negligent party must be held responsible.

Our Lawton, Oklahoma medical malpractice attorneys have more than forty combined years providing the legal representation our clients need to turn that responsibility into a reality. We can pursue the same positive results for you and your family, too.

Common Mistakes in Prescribing or Administering Prescription Drugs

When patients are under a physician’s care and are prescribed medication, there is a dedicated chain of events that can lead to errors along the way, causing serious injury or even death to our clients or their family members.

Prescription drug medical malpractice can include negligence by the:

  • Physician who prescribed the medication, including the wrong type or amount
  • Pharmacist who fills the wrong type or dose of medication
  • Nurse or physician assistants who administer the wrong type or amount

Medication requires experience and care to prescribe, fulfill, or administer. The simple transposing of a number can lead to the improper dosage, and the consequences can lead to severe, life-changing injuries.

The entire medical chain of prescription drugs can be held responsible for a patient’s injuries, and our medical malpractice attorneys in Lawton, Oklahoma will work tirelessly to prove your case by providing the investigative and expert resources necessary to deliver results.

What Other Types of Physicians Can Be Held Responsible for Medical Malpractice In Lawton, Oklahoma?

Unfortunately, medical malpractice knows no bounds when it comes to the types of physicians, facilities, or treatment care centers that can — and should — be held accountable for our clients’ injuries.

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