Our accomplished Tulsa, Oklahoma medical malpractice attorneys focus on providing positive legal outcomes for our clients, so they are able to realize financial recoveries for their injuries that resulted from negligent medical care.

At Norton Schwab, our Tulsa County medical malpractice lawyers are available to provide specialized medical malpractice representation for any of our over 415,000 city residents who are injured by a negligent physician, nurse, assistant, or other practice, hospital, or medical facility’s employees.

Our Tulsa, Oklahoma medical malpractice attorneys fight hard to provide our clients with positive financial outcomes, so they are never left paying the medical bills or lost wages that resulted from their negligently obtained injuries on their own.

What Types of Medical Malpractice Cases Does Norton Schwab Represent In Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Seeking medical care can be a scary time for anyone. When that guidance is met with negligence either in a misdiagnosis or unsatisfactory medical care that leads to further harm, our clients deserve exacting legal representation that will allow them to pursue the financial recovery they deserve.

And that is what our Tulsa, Oklahoma medical malpractice lawyers at Norton Schwab provide.

Why Do Medical Malpractice Surgical Errors Occur In Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Surgeons may provide the same type of medical procedures hundreds of times of years — even thousands. But the reality is, no two surgeries — even the exact same type — are the same. Negligence and the underlying causes of the errors that occur during medical malpractice are also unique to each patient — and our clients.

The most common types of medical malpractice surgical errors are:

  • Failing to communicate, including marking the wrong location of the incision, failing to order the proper medical equipment for the procedure, and miscommunications about dosage requirements for medication
  • Fatigue, including surgeon or medical staff fatigue from working long hours
  • Improper processes, including taking shortcuts during the procedure that are medically ill-advised
  • Incompetence, including lacking the skill to perform the surgery successfully
  • Insufficient preoperative planning, including reviewing and preparing for surgery, including any complications that may occur while the operation is underway. This can include duties handled by nurses and assistants to ensure all the necessary equipment is ready and available when the surgeon needs it.
  • Negligence, including the use of unsterilized equipment or known defective products, are just two of many types of medical malpractice issues
  • Operating under the influence, including, drug or alcohol use by the physician or the medical staff during surgery

What Types of Physicians Will Norton Schwab Pursue During Medical Malpractice Cases In Tulsa, Oklahoma?

At Norton Schwab, our Tulsa medical malpractice lawyers pride ourselves in building cases against physicians of all types when their negligent practices result in the injury of our clients.

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