At Norton Schwab, our car accident attorneys in Longview, Texas understand that when you or someone you love sustains a personal injury in a crash, the long-term physical effects can be overwhelming.

What’s more is when our Gregg County residents suffer personal injuries due to the negligence of another driver, their medical expenses and time away from work can become financially debilitating, leaving our clients not only hurt but at a loss for how they are going to recover these expenses. At Norton Schwab, our Harrison County and Longview auto accident lawyers will create an aggressive legal strategy for pursuing the financial recovery you deserve.

How Many Car Accidents With Injuries Occur In Longview, Texas Each Year?

Auto accidents in Longview, Texas are not uncommon, and the injuries that result from these collisions can have life-altering consequences.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles reported that last year alone there were nearly 255,000 people injured in motor vehicle crashes. And when one of these accidents have affected you or a loved one, our Longview personal injury attorneys will represent you inside or outside of the courtroom to pursue the proper financial settlement or jury verdict you deserve for your injuries.

How Do Car Accidents Occur In Longview, Texas?

At Norton Schwab, our car accident lawyers in Longview, Texas understand that collisions can occur in numerous ways, but the main cause of these crashes is driver negligence.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration sites distracted driving as one of the leading causes of car accidents in Longview, throughout the State of Texas, and the United States.

Last year alone, distracted driving caused nearly 3,500 deaths across the nation, and accounted for more than 391,000 injuries.

While texting and driving is the most common occurrence, any act that takes the driver’s attention away from the task of driving is considered a distraction, and it can cause severe injuries when the negligence leads to a car accident in Longview, Texas.

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