When someone in our Angelina County is injured in a vehicle collision, our Lufkin, Texas car accident attorneys will take the lead in holding the negligent party who caused their crash responsible for their reckless behavior.

Our Lufkin personal injury attorneys at Norton Schwab have more than 30 years of experience delivering successful financial outcomes for our clients after they have been hurt in a car accident, and we can provide the same skilled representation for your injury case.

How Many Car Accidents Occur In Lufkin, Texas Each Year?

The Texas Department of Transportation recorded over 1,140 motor vehicle crashes last year in Lufkin, Texas, which caused hundreds of injuries and six fatalities in our city alone. When our residents are injured or have lost a loved one in an accident, they are going to need help recovering their medical costs, lost wages, and overall expenses incurred because of the crash. Our Lufkin, Texas auto accident lawyers will guide each client through the process, so they can focus on healing — instead of their finances.

How Do I Deal With The Insurance Companies After A Car Crash In Lufkin, Texas?

Because insurance companies are only interested in protecting their bottom line, they will typically contact the injured party directly after a car accident occurs in Lufkin, Texas.

First, they will try to get the injured party to admit fault, and if that does not work, they will push the victim to agree to a low settlement. If that fails too, they will intentionally drag out the process until the injured person gives in.

You DO NOT have to settle. Never agree to anything, or sign any documents without speaking with a Lufkin auto accident attorney first.

How Can Norton Schwab Help Me Win My Lufkin, Texas Auto Accident Case?

With more than three decades of experience, and a very successful track record in delivering successful financial outcomes for our clients, the Lufkin car accident lawyers at Norton Schwab will fully explain your legal rights as the injured party, and protect your future by holding the negligent party responsible for causing you harm.

Contact our accomplished Lufkin, Texas auto accident attorneys at Norton Schwab today at 888-633-6257 to schedule a free consultation. As skilled Lufkin car accident attorneys, our law firm will create the best legal course of action available for each unique case, and either negotiate for a settlement that is in our client’s best interest or go to trial to ensure no detail of the recovery is left to chance.

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