At Norton Schwab, it is not uncommon for our Tyler car accident attorneys to handle cases where our clients are injured in their own vehicles due to an automobile defect. Our experienced car accident lawyers in Tyler, Texas know that not all collisions involve more than one vehicle, as a solo car wreck can be caused by a safety defect that causes the driver to crash.

No matter how your Smith County auto accident occurs, if negligence is involved, our Tyler personal injury attorneys can help you hold the party responsible for your injuries accountable for the reckless action or inaction they displayed.

What If My Tyler, Texas Car Accident Was Caused By An Automotive Defect?

The U.S. Department of Transportation recorded 44,000 car accidents in a single year that were caused by defective vehicle parts, which can cause serious injuries to our Tyler, Texas residents when they are behind the wheel or an occupant of these cars, trucks, or SUVs.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, outlined by the National Traffic Safety Administration, lists how Tyler, Texas auto accidents can be caused by safety-related defects, including:

  • Broken steering components
  • Cracked wheels
  • Defective brakes
  • Failing seat backs and seatbelts
  • Faulty airbags
  • Flawed ignition switches or wiring
  • Fuel tank fires
  • Poorly-made tires
  • Rollover risks
  • Sticking or broken accelerators

How Can Norton Schwab Help Me Recover From A Tyler, Texas Auto Accident Caused By The Manufacturer?

With more than 30 years of experience representing Tyler, Texas car accident injury victims, our Tyler car accident attorneys provide solutions, whether we are facing a negligent driver’s insurance company or a large car company and their corporate attorneys.

Our car accident lawyers in Tyler, Texas know all too well that victims who are injured by manufacturing defects may feel overwhelmed by taking on a corporation. At, Norton Schwab, our Tyler auto accident lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and confidence to face the insurance companies and corporate attorneys with only a victory in mind for our clients.

Have You Been In A Car Accident Caused By A Manufacturer Defect? Contact Our Tyler Auto Accident Attorneys At Norton Schwab Today

If negligence was a factor in your auto accident, our Tyler, Texas car accident attorneys at Norton Schwab are prepared to hear your case during a free consultation by calling 7888 medmals today. You do not have to face the other driver, the manufacturer, the insurance company, or the opposing counsel alone. Our Tyler auto accident lawyers are here to help produce financial results for your injuries, so you can focus on healing.