Ensuring our clients understand the legal process is important to our Waco, Texas truck accident attorneys, which is why we provide detailed explanations on how our Waco truck accident lawyers are going to pursue each client’s financial recovery.

Our McLennan County and Waco personal injury attorneys have protected truck accident injury clients for over 30 years who need exacting representation to deliver results for their unique cases. Once we know the details of your truck accident, our Waco truck accident lawyers can help you build a strong case too.

Understanding the Legal Process Of A Waco, Texas Truck Accident Injury Case

At Norton Schwab, our Waco, Texas truck accident lawyers are adept at handling complex legal cases and providing solutions for our clients’ overall financial needs.

In doing so, our skilled truck accident attorneys in Waco, Texas will:

  • Fully Investigate Your Case

In order to determine who is responsible for your truck accident injuries, we will investigate your case to ensure the proper party is being held accountable for your accident.

This includes:

  • Reviewing the accident scene and evidence from the crash
  • Interviewing witnesses and accident experts
  • Examining the truck driver, trucking company, or manufacturer for negligence actions or inactions
  • Researching the overall injuries and financial needs of our client, so no detail is left to chance
  • Filing A Legal Claim

Once our investigation is complete and evidence is gathered, our comprehensive legal approach to filing a claim with the responsible party will include each aspect of your injury needs, so our financial compensation requirements match our legal argument for recovery.

  • Negotiate With The Liable Party And Their Insurance Provider

At Norton Schwab, our Waco, Texas truck accident attorneys will first try to reach a negotiated settlement that meets your complete injury needs, including compensation for medical expenses and lost wages you have suffered from being away from work.

  • When Negotiation Fails, We Will Litigate

All of our client’s financial losses will be included in our negotiations, and if our experienced Waco truck accident lawyers are unable to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company, we will proceed to court and litigate your case.

Contact Our Waco, Texas Truck Accident Attorneys Produce Results

If you have been hurt in a crash with an 18-wheeler, contact our experienced Waco, Texas truck accident attorneys today at 888-633-6257 to schedule a free consultation and learn how our qualified Waco truck accident lawyers can help you and your family get the financial recovery you deserve.

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