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emergency medicine malpractice lawyer - Texas The emergency room physician is called upon to make split second decisions in times of great distress. Emergency Room work can be some of the most stressful work that physicians encounter. As such, many states have enacted laws which protect emergency room physicians from negligence claims by requiring a higher standard or higher degree of negligence in order for a plaintiff to prevail. Texas has one such law which basically requires a gross negligence standard for finding an emergency room physician at fault for an injury to a patient.

The emergency room, because of inherent pressures associated with the urgent care given to patients, is commonly associated with failure to diagnose life-threatening conditions. Unfortunately, our medical malpractice law firm has handled numerous cases originating in the emergency room. Examples include the following cases:

  • Failing to diagnose a myocardial infarction – Discharging patient home, with catastrophic results.
  • Failing to identify acute appendicitis – Discharging patient home, with catastrophic results.
  • Failure to identify spinal meningitis – Causing brain damage and, ultimately, death.
  • Failing to identify an aortic dissection following a rapid deceleration injury – Resulting in death.
  • Failed Orthopedic Devices Inside the Spine – Failed pedicle screws, requiring additional corrective surgery.
  • Failing to properly triage patients – Resulting in more severe injuries, and even death.

Although emergency room cases are often difficult to handle, our firm has successfully handled many emergency room cases. The emergency room physicians have a unique set of standards and protocols which must be followed. Failure to adhere to emergency room standards of care can lead to dire consequences.

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