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family medicine malpractice lawyer - Texas Family doctors are our primary caregivers. Family doctors are trained in areas of family medicine or general medicine. Although family doctors are not required to have the specific knowledge that specialists have, they are required to be able to identify which particular specialist a patient needs to see to address those conditions that can’t be handled by the primary care physician.

As such, family doctors often refer patients to cardiologists, obstetricians, pulmonologists, dermatologists, and various other specialists. As the gatekeepers in the delivery of preventative medical care, their primary duties are to identify those conditions which require higher levels of care. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, resulting in disastrous outcomes due to failures on the part of the primary care physician.

Our medical malpractice law firm has helped the families of family medicine malpractice in cases where there was a failure to control and monitor medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease; where there was a failure to refer patients to the appropriate specialist; where there was a failure to diagnose certain conditions; and where there was a failure to recognize an emergent condition requiring immediate hospitalization.

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