nursing home negligence malpractice lawyer - Texas In today’s environment of cost containment, nursing home malpractice has seen a rapid increase in frequency. When we entrust our loved ones to a nursing home, we hope and expect the best of care. Unfortunately, both neglect and medical errors are common occurrences. Our firm has handled numerous nursing home cases including:

  • Decubitus Ulcers – Failure to properly identify an individual as high risk, leading to improper management, causing decubitus ulcers and, ultimately, amputation.
  • Falls – Failure to use bed rails, coupled with a failure to supervise, causing fall, broken hip, and ultimately death.
  • Medication Errors – Improper prescription medication dosage administered, causing complications.
  • Failure to Diagnose – Myocardial infarct, appendicitis, sepsis, gastric bleed, and gout.
  • Pediatric Surgical Errors – Perforation of the pylorus during pyloromyotomy, causing leak, infection and death.
  • Failure to Timely Transfer to a Higher Level of Care – For infection, sepsis, myocardial infarct, and aortic dissection causing a delay in proper care or amputation and/or death.

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