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Failure to Diagnose Attorney Dallas - orthopedic malpractice attorney - TexasOrthopedic surgeons work on both the spine and long bones. Orthopedic malpractice is rarely a simple process. Although medical records may not show orthopedic malpractice, imaging studies including CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs, can be key in evaluating an orthopedic malpractice case. Our firm consults with radiologists in various fields who are able to put the pieces of a complicated orthopedic case into focus and allow for a thorough evaluation of potential malpractice. Orthopedic cases this firm has handled include the following:

  • Shoulder Injuries – Performing a procedure for shoulder instability on a patient who required rotator cuff repair.
  • Hip Injuries – Using improper prosthetic sizes and improper placement of prosthetics, requiring additional surgical repair.
  • Wrong Level Fusions and Laminectomies – Performing back surgeries at a wrong level without any pathology or abnormality, rather than the damaged level.
  • Improper Screw Placement During Spine Surgery – Inserting screws into the spine at an improper angle, injuring a healthy disc below.
  • Failed Orthopedic Devices Inside the Spine – Failed pedicle screws, requiring additional corrective surgery.
  • Failure to Diagnose Non-Union – Resulting in severe angulation of a long bone.
  • Failure to Diagnose an Allograph Spacer Migrating in the Spine – Following fusion, undetected migration resulted in impingement of nerve, causing permanent injury and foot drop.

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