pharmaceutical error malpractice lawyer - Texas In today’s environment where individuals take numerous medications, it is imperative that the proper medications are administered in the proper dosages at all times. Errors can occur along the entire chain of command, from the time the initial prescription is written, until it is administered to a patient. As such, pharmaceutical errors can include situations when¬†physicians improperly prescribe inappropriate medications or prescribe them in incorrect dosages.

Problems also arise when nurses administer prescriptions incorrectly. Additionally, medications have numerous contraindications which might make it inappropriate to administer one medication with another. Pharmacies have also been known to dispense medications in the wrong quantity, wrong dosage, or substitute an entirely wrong medication. These errors can occur in hospital pharmacies as well as at offsite pharmacies.

Recently there has been an increase in the incidence of infected products which have been made at “compounding pharmacies”. Compounding pharmacies have a duty to maintain sterile techniques and a failure to do so can result in serious and life-threatening infections. Such compounding pharmacies often prepare medication bags for intravenous administration. They also prepare ocular injections such as Avastin. Unfortunately, contaminated products can result in serious injuries such as vision loss, sepsis, and death.

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