surgical error malpractice lawyer - Texas Surgical errors can lead to drastic complications and death. The vast majority of surgical errors are known complications to the procedure itself. As such, many bad outcomes experienced following surgery are not associated with malpractice. Nevertheless, a small percentage of bad results following surgery are the result of malpractice. A careful evaluation of your medical records may develop an opinion that your poor outcome occurred as a result of a deviation from acceptable standards of care. Our firm has handled a number of surgical error cases, included but not limited to errors in the following:

  • Orthopedic Misadventures – Surgery performed at the wrong level; improper placement of screws; and failure to monitor allograft migration.
  • Gastric Bypass Errors – Punctures of intestinal duodenum during surgery; staple mis-firing.
  • Lap Band Errors – Failure to properly examine the peritoneum for leaks prior to closing the surgical wounds, causing life-threatening sepsis.
  • Obstetrical Errors – Retained placenta, causing infection.
  • Pediatric Surgical Errors – Perforation of the pylorus during pyloromyotomy, causing the leak, infection, and death.
  • Neurosurgery Errors – Optic nerve injury during transsphenoidal hypophysectomy, causing permanent blindness in both eyes.
  • Sponge Count Error – Failing to remove the sponge from the abdomen during abdominal surgery, resulting in pain, infection, and second surgery.
  • Trocar Injury – Failing to identify a trocar injury to an intestinal during a laparoscopic procedure.
  • Retained Instrument – Leaving a trocar Acap in the abdominal cavity.

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